From South Korea and growing up in Vancouver, Canada. Currently I am in my last year at Pratt Institute, New York completing a BFA in Illustration.
Looking back, I remember following a specific teacher around for a whole year in middle school, all because of an art class that I really wanted to take. Ever since then, my life has been focused in one direction: art. I dive deeply into whatever I feel is pulling me in, and at the same time it is always interesting to try different niches within that direction. As a result, I have also started working with interactive design and graphic design as I majored in illustration at Pratt. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy communicating my creative work with others through a narrative. I believe that narratives in any visual form will contribute to strong design. And finally, I am certainly excited to gain more experience within this field that I am most passionate about and to also interact with others as a designer.

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